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Allez & The Deeplink Generator

Manually convert your deep links with the Stay22 deeplink generator


Perhaps you aren’t ready for Stay22’s LetMeAllez script. Manual 1-by-1 link conversion is always available via the Stay22 Deeplink Generator. Simply paste your existing link and click generate. This will create a unique Stay22 URL that you will now earn commission on through the Stay22 Partner Hub.

Link Generator

Hop right in and generate your Allez links using our tool below!


Use our link generator or manually create links in batch on the fly
2 (1)-1
Automatic Geolocation domain (TLD) handling (for e.g redirecting to .com vs .co.uk, abritel and vrbo sister sites, etc., based your clicking user’s location)
3 (1)-1
Automatic language and currency handling
4 (1)
Add as many campaign IDs (labels) as you want
Currently up to 3 different landing pages you can choose from (Detail vs Pinned SRP, and Destination SRP)
No ad blockers or third party cookies issues

Instantly convert your existent deep links in one swoop

To help ease the transition to Stay22’s Allez product from your existent deep link integration, we’re providing a tiny script that will transform all compatible links into Stay22’s Allez links. Register to the Stay22 Hub to start using the LetMeAllez script today. For free.

Additional information about link converting

Smart Geofencing for TLDs

Note that we automatically detect the user’s location and redirect them to the correct TLD based on their IP address. This is to ensure that you can have a seamless experience for your users. For example, even if you generate a link to a vrbo.com site, if the user clicking is from Australia, they will be redirected to the equivalent Stayz.com.au Australian brand (with the exact same destination and listing details). This in turn increases conversion rates and makes your business more relevant to your users.


  • vrbo.com (US and international, including all languages and currency detections)
  • abritel.fr (France)
  • stayz.com.au (Australia)
  • bookabach.co.nz (New Zealand)
  • FeWo-direkt.de (Germany)


As for Booking.com, the brand only supports “booking.com” TLD internationally, but we do automatic language and currency setting for your users.


The same smart routing rules applies to Expedia.com. Expedia has over 30 TLD’s from .ca, .co.uk, and etc. You’re in good hands 👍


The same smart routing rules applies to Tripadvisor.com. Tripadvisor also has over 30 TLD’s from .fr, .ca, .co.uk, and etc.


We support links from all subdomains for hotels.com, including hoteles.com (LATAM), and hoteis.com (Brazil).


We support links from all subdomains for kayak.com and also domains for kayak.com worldwide.

Manual generation

If you want more flexibility and scalability, you’ll have to manually enter the data and generate the links yourself. We salute you pioneers! Thankfully it’s pretty straight forward as all you have to do is fill out the missing variables. We made it manual because this is to be used on platforms and blogs with many links and it can get pretty draining if you constantly use a form.

Here’s our main suppliers and three ways to link out: 

  • Booking.com
  • Vrbo (and its geo partners like Abritel, Fewo, Stayz and BookABach)
  • Expedia
  • Hotels.com
  • Tripadvisor.com