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Top Secret Referral Program 😊

Refer Your Friends

$500 Cash Bonus

Earn $500 for each friend you sign up with us that achieves 100 confirmed bookings.




  1. Log into your Hub and retrieve your AID from the top right corner. This will be your referral code.

  2. Copy the link below and insert your AID in the section marked INSERT-AID-HERE:

    Example: https://www.stay22.com/referral-program?referred_by=megantravels

  3. Share your link! When people you've referred get 100 confirmed bookings with Stay22, you get $500! They also get a $100 bonus.

FAQ About Your Referral Bonus

You share your custom referral link, making sure your AID is at the end of the link. Please double-check for typos and test your link, as this is how we will identify your referral.

You can refer as many friends as you want! You are eligible to receive a $500 cash bonus for each referral who achieves 100 confirmed bookings.

After your referred friend achieves 100 confirmed bookings, our team will verify those bookings. After verification, $500 will be deposited in your Stay22 account, and you'll be able to withdraw it at your next payout.

Unfortunately, social media sites are not eligible for our referral program. If your friend doesn't have a website, then they won't be eligible and will be rejected from the program 😭.

Here's what our customers say

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Shelley Marmor

"Stay22 has consistently exceeded my expectations, with a team that goes above and beyond in assisting me at every turn. Their openness to feedback and willingness to consider new ideas truly set them apart in the industry. ”

Samantha King

"As someone in the early stages of travel blogging, Stay22 has completely transformed my income. Within the first month of installing Stay22 I earned the exact same amount as I did within 9 months of using another affiliate marketing program."

Christina Patel